DC Field Notes, Day 2

I thought I was good at geometry, and at walking, so it didn’t occur to me that I would have trouble navigating the circles that are littered across DC.  However, the crosswalk lights seem designed to stymie human movement.  To go across a circle, like, for example, Dupont Circle, which I seem to need to cross five times a day, you have to cross two rings of traffic on each side, and each ring operates on its own traffic light.  So, you cross the outer ring, wait on an island for a while, then cross the inner ring, walk through the circle, and repeat on the other side.  It’s like concentric frogger.  As Brian Lehrer of WNYC Radio fame (fame?) says, Please Explain?


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  1. Ha, this is great so far. I’m glad you’re blogging! Looking forward to reading more!

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